Military Fetish

Calling all Kinksters, Life-stylers, Naturists, People Watchers or whomever! If you love to Party then this Boot camp it now in session! This is your best opportunity to Enlist and join forces with us during “Military Mayhem” at an alternative Luxury location with acres filled of Training Pools, Gratification Parties, Sexy Shows, Courage Cocktails, Not so messy Mess hall’s and more with the finest selection of Kinky recruits that no other Base could compete with.

Get your duffel ready with any unofficial Uniform, any Kinky or sexy wardrobe, or screw it all and come as you are in your birthday suit! Bring sun protection as all over tans can be provided and are complimentary when weather allows. You heard right! This is a Freestyle Camp allowing you to join the mayhem in ways you just cant normally partake in.

Be You, Be Proud, Be part of the movement!